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The Matrix Resurrections: Disclosure About Our True Reality

Free Zoom Event, Monday June 6, 7:00 – 8:30 ET

What is The Matrix Resurrections trying to tell us? Is it a purely fictional sci-fi movie or is it disclosure about the nature of our true reality? Rebecca Paris will discuss the esoteric knowledge in this latest Matrix movie with Dr. Nicholas Demetry.  This interactive discussion will encompass the nature of the “Matrix” we live in, how the “Suits” keep us trapped, and the methods for escaping it.  If you are a spiritual seeker, have taken “the red pill” or want to, this discussion is for you. It is recommended that you read the Ebook first (free downloaded here.) and see the movie, but neither are required.  We would appreciate and encourage questions and comments from our Zoom attendees.  (Please note this will be recorded and may be used in public videos).

Rebecca Paris, formerly Rebecca Becker, is a former advertising professional and VP of Marketing for United Way of Atlanta as well as an artist. She is the founder and Executive Director of Raising the Vibe, a 501 (C)(3) nonprofit, and is now offering her services as a Gene Keys and Spiritual Guide. In addition to blogging, Rebecca has authored the free Ebook, The Matrix Resurrections Unraveled, to unpack the nature of our reality exposed in this latest Matrix movie.


Dr. Nicholas Demetry provides comprehensive mental health care supported by holistic practices including spiritual counseling, biofield energetic psychotherapy and sound healing. He is a holistic psychiatrist, healer, author and teacher, having taught the importance of spirituality for mental health and personal wellbeing for over 30 years.  Thesouldoctor.com




Jun 06 2022


7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

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