Meet Our Leadership Team

REBECCA BECKER, Executive Director

Rebecca is a former advertising professional and VP of Marketing for United Way of Atlanta as well as an artist. In the midst of record “tribalism” at the end of 2017, she sought a way to bring people together over common values such as compassion, collaboration and positivity. Rebecca is an avid reader and seeker of spiritual knowledge.  She regularly consults with conscious evolutionary leaders around the world to share best practices.  


Kristin is a former Wall Street financial analyst and is responsible for all RTV financial matters. In addition to spreadsheets, Kristin has a desire to pull the conscious community together to create more synergy.  She spearheads our RTV partnerships and community outreach initiatives and co-leads our weekly intentions. She has studied Reiki and Compassion Based Cognitive Therapy and is a leader with the Citizens Climate Lobby.

   JEN TESLER     PRIYA LAKHI     LEIGH BRADY      KRISTEN GIBBS                  

Jennifer Tesler, Priya Lakhi, Leigh Brady and Kristen Gibbs work as a team overseeing the website, small group discussions/book club and speaker series events. Leigh lends her talents to recruiting and orchestrating our speaker events. She was raised Episcopalian and has been exploring all aspects of spirituality for several years. She is particularly interested in the interconnectedness of quantum physics and spirituality. Kristen's backgroud is in commercial interior design, architecture and real estate. As a life-long practicing Catholic, she is most interested in the aspects of faith, hope and love that are shared in common with all world religions and spiritual practices. 


Sherri's training includes Non-Violent Communication. She coorinadtes the RTV's Power of Eight weekly group mediation and intention sessions. 


Joey lends his voice as a consulting member in marketing, video and logistics. He is a theater director, choreographer, teacher, and homeschool parent, who is a certified instructor in both Atma and AntiGravity Yoga. 

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