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Latest Blog: Loving Boundaries

Written By Rebecca Paris

Are you consistently saying yes to things you want to say no to?  Or, are you not even sure how you feel and auto pilot takes over? Well…your body knows.  A “no” feels like constriction and may be accompanied by shallow breathing. You will probably feel a vague sense of unease when you are in the situation or just thinking about it. 

What is showing up for me right now is the importance of boundaries and self love.  This theme has been presenting itself over the last several months in different variations.  It seems I am being tested in diplomatically walking the tight rope between honoring self and meeting the needs of others.  

Boundaries allow me to love me and you at the same time.

It is amazingly hard for empaths to say no when someone you love or even a casual acquaintance asks you for something. Whether it is doing something for a family member or a volunteer job for an organization. There is often guilt associated with saying no. There is deep programming in our society that says that you shouldn’t be selfish and that doing for family members or co-workers is more important than your own happiness.   There is often childhood wounding that causes us to discount ourselves for the sake of others.  

In the Emotional Quotient sphere (EQ) of my Gene Keys, I have the Shadow of ‘Exhaustion’ , the Gift of ‘Resolve’ and the Siddhi (exalted state) of ‘Divine Will’. This is the emotional programming that was specifically laid down for me during ages 7-14.   In reviewing it recently, I was reminded of the law of conservation of energy.   When using willpower that is not in alignment with the natural flow of the universe, you may use up personal Chi (often showing up in time and money) causing exhaustion. 

This happens when you force a situation or you allow others to take your energy by forcing their will.  This often happens when your boundaries are not strong, or you are out of the flow of the natural order of things.  This also occurs in co-dependent relationships where neither person is using energy in their highest alignment according to their unique soul blueprint.

Much of the time we exhaust ourselves through being a martyr. (See blog: “If Love Is the Answer, Why Do I Feel So Depleted). Martyrdom is often a product of our wounding and needing to be loved… feeling like we need to work for what is naturally unconditional.  Often we are just trying to be a good person and don’t even realize we are doing this.

“When we fail to set boundaries and hold people accountable, we feel used and mistreated” -Brené Brown

Also, if we lack self-respect or self love this can be used expertly by others through emotional manipulation. When someone crosses your boundaries it may be very innocent; however if it is a consistent issue, they may subconsciously feel that their needs are more important that yours. Much of the time the manipulator does not even know they are doing it.

“ When people feel unsafe and insecure in themselves they will easily resort to controlling and manipulating behaviors. Whatever you may be doing or responsibilities you may have, they assert that you need to focus on them and their issues, regardless of the cost it may incur.”  –

Common ways to manipulate according to AscensionGlossary:

  • Lying
  • Guilt Trips
  • Being Vague to Confuse
  • Pretending to want to help
  • No Accountability
  • Doublespeak
  • Psychic Vampire
  • Gaslighting

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What is The Matrix Resurrections trying to tell us? Is it a purely fictional sci-fi movie or is it a metaphor for our reality? I understand that this latest Matrix movie (#4) has garnered mixed views by the critics and has been deemed by many as a rehash of the others. I would beg to differ, as this latest rendition is steeped in esoteric knowledge and perhaps is primarily functioning as a tool for disclosure of what is happening in our world. If you are a spiritual seeker, have taken “the red pill” or want to, this analysis is for you. This Ebook will look at The Matrix Resurrections in terms of how it depicts the “Matrix”, how the “Suits” keep us trapped, and the methods for escaping it.

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If Love is the Answer, Why Do I Feel So Depleted?

The short answer to this question could be: not using the right type of love for the situation or thinking that being a martyr is a type of love. 

Written By Rebecca Paris

If you are reading this blog, you have most likely been there…flat out exhausted caring for others before tending to your own needs. This may be caring for children, elderly parents, clients or friends before taking care of yourself. Somehow being a martyr was promoted as a good thing. Unfortunately, all martyrdom does is get you out of the sync with the natural energetic laws of the universe. 

Photos from Unsplash by Jonathan Borba and Possessed Photography.

Let’s Get Real

Natural vs. Artificial: The Blended Reality

Written By Rebecca Paris

Are we currently living in a blended reality, one organic/natural, and the other synthetic/artificial? I assert that we are. When I think of natural vs. artificial, the idea of organic sugar compared artificial sweetener comes to mind. One comes from the earth and the natural order of things, and one is created in a lab, like the robot above. I have recently come to realize that there is a part of us that is organic, connected to prime creator and nature’s intelligence system. This part of us is full of life and is founded upon unconditional love, purity, freedom and creation. There is also a part of us attached to the false matrix and AI.