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We are many and yet we are one, we are one in the many

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The purpose of life is to wholeheartedly love and to wholeheartedly be loved.

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Without inner peace, outer peace is impossible.

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Raising your vibration is the key to wholeness, health and wealth.

Raise Your Vibe

Are you looking for resources to help with your spiritual awakening and raising your frequency? You have come to the right place. As a non-profit, Raising the Vibe is not selling anything. It is here as a service to humanity during this time of ascension.

Here are 11 points to raise your frequency from Kerry K.

  • Activate the Spiritual Warrior
  • From Victimhood to Empowerment
  • From Martyrdom to Self Honoring
  • From Blame to Responsibility
  • From Judgement to Acceptance
  • From Illusion to Authenticity
  • From Lack to Abundance
  • From Desire to Change Others to Being the Change
  • From External to Internal
  • From Ego to True Self
  • From Head to Heart
Featured video below explains these points in more detail.

Self Actualization Tools

Learn about the Akashic Records, the Enneagram, Human Design, The Gene Keys, Astrology and more. (Click this box for more.)

Holistic Healing

Explore Energy Healing, Breathwork, EMDR, Homeopathy, Specialized Kinesiology and more. (Click this box for more.)

Ascension is spiritualizing the body by integrating fragments of lost “selves” stuck in trauma from different times and spaces. We are neutralizing polarities to get out of Duality and back into Trinity. (Click this box for more.)

Fall 2023 Newsletter

My mom, Harue Armstrong Paris (sec row #6) and her twin, Larue Armstrong Guthrie (sec row #5). Murray State Teacher's College Yearbook, 1942

Fall 2023

Walking in the steps of my ancestors

Dear Raising the Vibe Family,

It has been a long time since I have reached out! My summer was packed full of traveling, from short getaways to see family, to an international adventure to experience an ancient site. (See pics and info on the Bosnian Pyramids here). One roadtrip included my high school reunion. A highlight of that trip involved visiting my high school in Charleston Il. The tour was complete when we were able to sit in our old Driver's Ed simulators (picture below). Yes, they still had the same ones! 

On the way to the reunion, I was drawn to visit places my ancestors lived. These experiences included looking up old addresses and finding run down homes in place of the well-kept photographic images from 50 or more years ago. We went to the small towns where my parents were born, but I had never visited. I also made sure to see where my ancestors worshiped, went to school and were ultimately buried. The trip also included going to Murray State University and finding my mom's yearbook pictures in the historical library, and venturing to Southern Illinois University to get a feel for the turf my dad walked after serving in the Navy during WWII. It was interesting to get in touch with the lives they lived before I came into their world.  I know my ancestors still live in me, and I was glad to embody the energy of the places they inhabited while they walked this earth. It seemed to bring symmetry and resolution somehow.

After returning home, I was motivated to put some scrapbooks together to remember them, as well as one for me honoring my life. (I did several family albums when the kids were small, but it was time to honor my parents and me.)  It felt cathartic and healing. I could feel their essence from the old newspaper articles and pictures I found. After documenting and reminiscing, I was happy to put the books away for another day and get back to my own present moment.

The last several months have also been a time of going within, embodying more of my light (true self), and supporting my physical body. Some things I do for my body are: specialized kinesiology, chiropractic adjustments, myofascial release therapy and supplements/parasite cleanses. (Interesting note: all physical parasites stem from energetic parasites/vampires.)

During this time of ascension, when the world seems upside down, it becomes even more important not to panic and neutrally witness our personal and collective shadows surfacing. As we do this, we feel what has been repressed, so these incoherent frequencies can finally be released and cleansed, allowing in the higher vibrations of truth and unconditional love. For more information on how to do this, please scroll down to my latest blog entitled, "The Record of Life". In case you missed some, previous blogs are archived on  https://www.rebeccaandrobert.net/blog

In love, light and truth,

Rebecca Paris

Founder Raisingthevibe.org

Artist/Spiritual Guide



Featured Newsletters/Blogs

The Matrix Resurrections Unraveled, new Ebook by Rebecca Paris. Download it for free here.

What is The Matrix Resurrections trying to tell us? Is it a purely fictional sci-fi movie or is it a metaphor for our reality? I understand that this latest Matrix movie (#4) has garnered mixed views by the critics and has been deemed by many as a rehash of the others. I would beg to differ, as this latest rendition is steeped in esoteric knowledge and perhaps is primarily functioning as a tool for disclosure of what is happening in our world. If you are a spiritual seeker, have taken "the red pill" or want to, this analysis is for you. This Ebook will look at The Matrix Resurrections in terms of how it depicts the “Matrix”, how the “Suits” keep us trapped, and the methods for escaping it.

Vinyl pride! Painting by Astrid Stoeppe

Blog: The Record of Life

Written By Rebecca Paris

I am sure you have heard the saying, “history repeats itself, or at least it rhymes”. There may be a good reason for this. As I have postulated before, we are co-creating our reality through our consciousness, like through a projector, but most of this projection comes from our subconscious. These programs, much like software code, were laid down primarily during the first 7 years of life, through absorbing the energy signature of our family. They were also coded during conception from our ancestors DNA, epigenetically, according to Bruce Lipton, Phd. History is repeating itself because we are re-living the same programs as our ancestors, thus playing a movie, or record album, in our current setting with a similar theme.

Blog: The Giving Tree

A Tale of Codependence?

Written By Rebecca Paris

Recently I was reminded of the book, The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein. This heartwarming children’s book actually is a pretty dynamic portrayal of codependency. Psychology Today describes codependency as follows:

Codependency is a dysfunctional relationship dynamic where one person assumes the role of “the giver,” sacrificing their own needs and well-being for the sake of the other, “the taker.” The bond in question doesn’t have to be romantic; it can occur just as easily between parent and child, friends, and family members. - Psychology Today The term “codependency” first appeared in substance abuse circles to describe a lopsided relationship that has been consumed and controlled by one person’s addiction. It has expanded into more general terms of unequal relationships.