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We are many and yet we are one, we are one in the many

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The purpose of life is to wholeheartedly love and to wholeheartedly be loved.

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Without inner peace, outer peace is impossible.

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Raising your vibration is the key to wholeness, health and wealth.


Self Actualization Tools

Learn about The Enneagram, Human Design, The Gene Keys, Astrology, Contemplative Practices and more. (Click this box for more.)

Holistic Healing

Explore energy healing, working with crystals, breathwork and other natural ways to optimize your body, mind and spirit. (Click this box for more.)

Conscious Community Practices

Check out our videos on 5G and Your Health, Thrivability™ (Peter Lombardi), Ionation® (Darshana Patel) and other ways to consciously live in community. (Click this box for more.)

Maxine Taylor: Astrological Forecast 2022 and Beyond

What in the world is happening right now? To astrologers, what we have been through and the themes we will face in 2022 and beyond are evident. They are literally written in the stars. We are pleased to host Maxine Taylor, America’s first licensed astrologer and popular Youtuber, to be our guide so we can prepare for the upcoming changes this year and into 2030

Interview with Diana Clark, Oracle Card Reader

Forecast for 2022

At the age of fourteen, Diana Clark began reading Lenormand fortune telling cards — cards that have been passed down through several generations in her family. Rebecca Paris, Executive Director of, interviews Diana on what to expect for 2022 for humanity as a whole. Based in Seattle, her clientele spans the globe. Diana describes herself as a spiritually based card reader, incorporating her knowledge of awakening and deepening into the higher consciousness.

Latest Newsletter

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January 6, 2022

Dear Raising the Vibe Members and Friends,

Happy New Year! Thank you so much for your support of Raising the Vibe last year. We reached over 4,000 unique visitors through the website, hosted 8 Zoom events and supported our members with weekly small group Zoom circles the first half of the year.  In addition, our consciousness-raising messages have been regularly communicated through the Raising the Vibe Facebook Page and Group as well as through monthly emails to our subscription list. Please like/follow our Facebook Page and join our Group if you have not done so already.  Also, check out our new Home Page to the website. We have added the latest newsletter as well as a section for featured blogs/newsletters and a button to access all archived newsletters.

Upcoming Programming

I am excited about our upcoming programming for 2022. Raising the Vibe will offer you the following over the next few months:

Maxine TaylorAmerica’s first licensed Astrologer, will discuss what is up for the US and trends in the world in 2022. Click here to sign up in advance for the free Zoom event on January 19 at 7p.

Famous oracle card readerDiana Clark, using her family’s unique Gaelic Lenormand cards, will record for Raising the Vibe her forecast for the World/US in 2022. Stay tuned for the podcast link later this month.

 Business Members Ann and Bill from Love Evolution are offering the Raising the Vibe audience access to their free Zoom Group Sound Call sessions on 1/30 at 5p, 2/22 at 5p and 3/10 at 7p (All EST). Click the day(s) to sign up for the sessions in advance to receive your link.

 Laura and Jim from Adoratherapy in Asheville will be sharing an Aura report from a biofeedback machine as well as information on chakras, breathwork and aromatherapy on March 16 at 7p. More info and sign up details coming soon.

We want your input on future programming

With so much change in the world, we need to adapt continuously to stay relevant. To that end, I would like your feedback on how Raising the Vibe, as a non-profit connection hub for expanding consciousness, can support you. Our main areas of focus are self-actualization tools, holistic healing and conscious community practices.  This is more important than ever given the amount of chaos and division in the world right now. Please let me know what is on your mind. Maybe you or someone you know would like to use this platform for a webinar presentation or panel discussion.

As we start the New Year, you may want to check out my latest blog below and take the self assessment to see if you are in right relation to self, others and Mother Earth. It will give you food for thought as you increase your awareness and raise your vibe.

Please help Raising The Vibe grow by forwarding this email to your friends so they can sign up for our free events, subscribe to our newsletter or join as a General or Business Member here 


Rebecca Paris

Executive Director, Raising the Vibe

Featured Newsletters/Blogs

Am I in Right Relationship to Self, Others and the Earth?

As we start a new year, in addition to setting intentions/resolutions for yourself, you may want to contemplate your relationship first to self, and then to others and to Mother Earth/nature. Don’t judge yourself harshly, but honestly assess where you are with patience and gentleness. Awareness is the first step to any improvement in your life. Take some time to pause and reflect on these questions.

Blogs by Rebecca and Robert

Check out blogs from Raising the Vibe Executive Director and Gene Keys Guide, Rebecca Paris, and Psychic Intuitive Consultant, Robert Novak here.

October Blog: I Do Not Consent!

Sometimes we have to say no, even if it isn’t popular, because that NO is coming from the core of our being, not something that is programmed into us out of fear, shame or guilt. That unwavering inner knowing of what is and is not morally right, from a place of unconditional love, is actually an attribute of the Divine Feminine in women and men….


Panel of 9

“Holistic Healing”

Dr. Nicholas Demetry

Rob “What the Eye Reveals” The Rayid Method of Iridology

Rebecca Paris Becker

Robert Novak

Rob “The Secrets to Unlocking the Matrix: How Identities, Roles and Stereotypes keep you Locked in.

Tricia Livermore


Connie Baxter Marlow

and Andrew Cameron Bailey

“The Dance of Souls in the Trust Frequency”

Darshana Patel

“How to Raise the Vibe: Ionation”

Deborah McNelis

“Bring our Your Brillance, How Focused Attention Can Change Your Life”

Scott Hall

“Energy in Your Home: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly”,

Jill Blakeway

Author discusses her book “Energy Medicine”,

Peter Lombardi

” Thrivability™ and Resilient Communities”

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