Embody Your True Self/Ascend

Ascension can be thought of as bringing our multidimensional selves back home to our physical body, and moving with Earth to a higher frequency band. In essence, Ascension is spiritualizing the body by integrating fragments of lost or shadow selves, stuck in trauma from different times and spaces. We need to neutralize polarities to get out of Duality and back into Trinity. Here are some tools for Ascension:

  • Self Awareness
  • Choice Points
  • Meditation and Contemplative Practices
  • Communing with Nature
  • Cleansing the Physical Body

Here are some tips for Embodiment/Ascension

Self Awareness

Expand your consciousness! 

Open up belief systems, be open to new information.

Energetic discernment

Catch yourself in reaction (auto-pilot) and pause in order to respond.

Face and integrate your shadows. By denying the shadow, you can be unconsciously controlled by it.

Choice Points

You are in control of your evolution. No one is going to do it for you. (You are your own savior). Every moment you are choosing a frequency to be in resonance with:

  • Food/other substances we put in our bodies
  • The company we keep
  • The entertainment we choose

Become the compassionate witness and remain neutral in order to dissipate energy. The moment you take a side in the drama, even the side of “light”, you put yourself in duality.

Slow down/drop into a balance of the Divine Feminine and Masculine.

Alchemize emotion by feeling it through.

Build the house of Christ/Virtue vs. building a house of Ego/Service to Self.

Meditation and Other Contemplative Practices

When we quiet our mind, we can finally listen to the small voice inside that is our soul. It will subtly make itself known, but it must be invited. There is possibly no better way to embody/ascend than regular meditation or connection practices.

Communing With Nature

Forest bathing


Meditating against a tree

Being near water

Connect consciously with trees/wildlife

Honoring transitions of seasons

Using herbs medicinally

Understanding and connecting consciously with crystals

Seeing yourself in the mirror of nature (oneness)

Cleansing the Physical Body

Detox Baths

Minimalism in house (Feng Shui)

Chromotherapy (color)

Sound Healing

Frequency Medicine

Clean, structured water