Self-Actualization Tools

Raising the Vibe believes that a fulfilled, purposeful life begins with self exploration and awareness. We all have unique gifts to share with the world, but oftentimes these gifts are hidden due to limiting beliefs picked up from childhood or your genetic family line. The first step on the journey is to understand your unique essence or DNA blueprint. There are many tools for this such as, The Enneagram, Human Design and The Gene Keys. Check out the “Find Your Unique Gifts and Higher Purpose” presentation for an overview. The Tree of Contemplative Practices offers mindful modalities to connect to your true essence or higher power.

Holistic Healing

Holistic healing will help you uncover your true higher self by energetically facilitating the release of stored trauma and outdated “programs” in your body. We believe that the mind, body and spirit are intrinsically linked to well-being and all aspects need to be acknowledged. Raising the Vibe offers a wide array of integrated healing modalities for you to explore.

Ascension Tools/Embodiment

Ascension can be thought of as bringing your multidimensional selves back home to your physical body, and moving with Earth to a higher frequency band. In essence, Ascension is spiritualizing the body by integrating fragments of lost or shadow selves, stuck in trauma from different times and spaces. We need to neutralize polarities to get out of Duality and back into Trinity. Here are some tools for Ascension:

  • Self Awareness
  • Choice Points
  • Meditation and Contemplative Practices
  • Communing with Nature
  • Cleansing the Physical Body


Holistic Wellness Practitioners are talented conduits to assist in your self-actualization and overall physical wellbeing by energetically releasing limiting patterns and beliefs. Check out our trusted Raising the Vibe business members and other spiritually-based resources here to assist in bringing optimum health through the integration of mind, body and spirit.

Book Recommendations and more

On the road to enlightenment, you might find it helpful to learn from the experiences and beliefs of others. That said, outside resources are just a tool along the path for you to connect to your own Divinity within. Going down "rabbit holes" can help you open your mind to a greater reality, and a higher, future version of yourself. The books and other recommended resources are categorized by the following:

  • New to the Awakening Process
  • Awakening Through Relationships/Trauma
  • Where Science Meets Spirituality
  • Reincarnation/Soul Journeys
  • Channeled Texts/The Spirit World
  • Disclosure
  • Movies
  • Recommended Websites