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Happy 2020!

With the craziness in the world many of us are looking for a way to come together in positivity and collaboration. If you want a way to connect with other heart-centered individuals, consider joining us at Raising the Vibe.  As a fast growing new non-profit, we are looking forward to continuing our weekly Power of 8 Zoom Intentions, Monthly Small Group Meetings and our Quarterly Speaker Series in 2020. We are also planning on expanding our “Partnership” section on our website to build awareness and support the work many of you are doing in the mindfulness and holistic health arenas.

In order to keep up with our at-capacity crowds, we need more volunteers. If you feel called, we could use help in the following areas. Please send a message to if you are willing to work with any of the following RTV groups:


Grant writing and other fundraising

Social Media:

Monitor and post on our social media sites

Events Committee:

Help with speaker events: set up, clean up and greeting.

Host a meeting:

Would you be willing to host a small group or speaker series meeting in your home or business?  How many can you accommodate? 


Would you be willing to facilitate a small group discussion or book discussion? 


Would you be willing to speak on a particular topic at an RTV Small Group or Speaker Series? What topic? 


Are you interested in becoming a Partner and listing your contact info on our website?

To make sure you are invited to all of our events,  we encourage you to join as a member of Raising the Vibe for only $25 a year. 

Questions? Please contact us at

In gratitude,

Rebecca Becker

Executive Director, Raising the Vibe

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