Am I in Right Relationship to Self, Others and the Earth?

Written By:  Rebecca Paris, Executive Director of Raising the Vibe

As we start a new year, in addition to setting intentions/resolutions for yourself, you may want to contemplate your relationship first to self, and then to others and to Mother Earth/nature. Don’t judge yourself harshly, but honestly assess where you are with patience and gentleness. Awareness is the first step to any improvement in your life. Take some time to pause and reflect on these questions.

Am I in Right Relation to Myself?

Do I value my personal freedom and realize the importance of being a sovereign being?

Do I spend time in silence often connected to my inner being?

Are my thoughts, words and actions in harmony?

Am I in balance with mind, body and spirit?

Is my intuitive right brain (feminine) side balanced with the left brain logical (masculine) side?

Am I able to give and receive equally?

Do I take time to bring myself in the present moment or is most of my consciousness in the future or past?

Am I able to turn off negative thought forms and laugh or at least neutrally witness my ego self for trying to bring me down?

Am I practicing daily gratitude?

Am I actively incorporating things in my day that truly bring me joy?

Do I take time for self-inquiry often to try to deeply understand myself?

Do I take time to inquire deeply about my higher purpose and genius?

Am I always striving to be perfect or some ideal vision of what society thinks I should be or am I loving myself for my uniqueness?

Do I take time to listen to my body when it is aching or in pain and allow it so it can be released, or do I ignore signals from my body?

Do I love my body for its functions or do I feel shame about my body for any reason?

Do I allow myself to rest when tired?

Do I take time to play?

Do I push my fears down when they surface by distraction or other means instead of allow them to dissipate?

Do I pay attention to what I consume and understand that everything has a frequency (media, food, other people)?

Am I aware of the source of my food and how it is processed?

Am I aware of where I am placing my intention and attention on a regular basis?

Do I lie to myself?

Do I fear change so much that I am stagnant?

Are most of my thoughts and behaviors based in love or fear?

Am I gentle and patient with myself as I evolve and try new things?

Am I looking on the outside for love, security etc. or do I realize that it comes from within?

Am I stuck in roles, identities, religious or spiritual teachings that keep me in a box?

Do I take responsibility for my thoughts words and actions?

Do I feel worthy of love?

Am I doing what I love each day or putting it off to retirement or some future date?

Do I realize that I am an infinite spark of the Divine and am a co-creator of this universe via my thoughts, words and actions?

Am I in Right Relationship with Others?

Am I in a co-dependent relationship?

Is my giving truly from the heart without expecting anything in return or does it come from guilt or self-sacrifice?

Do I take a pause often and respond vs. react by instinct?

Do I listen to my gut about decisions or am I easily influenced by family friends or people in “authority”?

Do I have appropriate boundaries with others or do I allow my self to be overridden to create peace?

Do I allow myself to get angry and express it in a non-violent way?

Am I sucked in by divide and conquer tactics assuming that my group is better than another?

Do I respond to others who contact me in a timely manner, even if it is declining an invitation from them or do I ignore it altogether?

Am I vulnerable in my closest relationships?

Do I make sure that those I love know it and can feel my heart-centered affection?

Am I expressing my self authentically to others or do I wear a “mask” to be socially accepted?

Do l lie to others?

Am I generous with my resources and share my gifts freely, or do I have an attitude of scarcity around money?

Am I afraid to make changes that feel authentic to me because I am worried what others will think?

Am I afraid to say no?

Am I afraid to say yes?

Do I spend an inordinate amount of time worried about what others think?

Do I naturally trust others too much?

Do I naturally trust others too little?

Am I able to discern if someone has my best interest at heart?

Do I spend too much time in other people’s business?

Do I feel the need to control others?

Am I in Right Relationship with Mother Earth/Nature?

Do I put weedkiller (inorganic) or other toxins in my yard?

Do I litter?

Do I consider my impact on the environment?

Am I respectful to all of life and realize we are all interconnected in a conscious universe?

Do I realize that nothing happens by chance and is part of a larger flow in the universe?

Do I take time during the day to behold and admire nature?

Do I take time to ground in nature and walk outside barefoot?

Do I understand the natural ebb and flow of energy and go with the flow and allow divine timing?

Do I understand nature’s healing power and the benefits of holistic medicine?

Do I understand that what we do to Mother Earth we do to our own bodies?