February 2021 /Remove Ancestral Patterns

February 2021

Dear Raising the Vibe Members and friends,

Due to the chaos and restrictions in the outside world, it is more important than ever to keep opening your perspective to what you would like to see in your life by removing old "programs" that are running your reality through ancestral patterning. Raising the Vibe is excited to continue to bring you free Zoom events that are designed to uplift you and expand your consciousness. Self-awareness and attitude are keys to changing your reality and this is done by consciously being aware of where you place your intention and attention. When things get tough, remember to come back to your breath and center yourself to find the essence of you that is connected to your Source.

I would like to welcome our new Business Members Eli English and Deborah McNelis.  Eli English, ND, CNC, CHC uses homeopathy, herbs, Integrative Energetic Medicine, Pranic Healing and Quest 9 Quantum Biofeedback to help reduce stress, detoxify, manage pain, improve mental abilities and enhance the quality of life. Deborah McNelis, M. Ed, author and international speaker, founded Brain Insights to provide very simple and understandable insights into the basics of how young brains develop. Providing the experiences children need, leads to every child knowing their worth as the beautifully unique individual they already are. 

Both of these ladies connected to us through our Members Spiritual Circle every Wednesday at 10 Eastern. If you are a Raising the Vibe member and are interested in this sharing circle, please contact: info@raisingthevibe.org for more information.  Also, please let us know if you are interested in being promoted by Raising the Vibe by becoming a Business Member for only $75 a year. Check out more information about these ladies and our other Business Members and resources here: https://raisingthevibe.org/practitioners-resources/.

Please sign up now for our next program on Wednesday, February 24 where Robert Novak and I will share The Secrets to Unlocking the Matrix.


Rebecca Paris

Executive Director, Raising the Vibe

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