July 30, 2022

Hope you are enjoying your summer!

I recently purchased a new computer and took the opportunity to clean out old files and organize everything. What a great feeling.  I was able to take a "journey" through the different phases of my life that were captured in these computer files. I reminisced about the volunteer jobs I had after I left my 9 - 5, as well as all of the chapters in my children's lives. I ran across a poem written by my daughter when she was a teenager called, "Surrender to the Tide"

What is the chaos in the world right now teaching us? Possibly to let the universe take us into new waters where we may find something beautiful and unexplored. These new waters may be frightening, but maybe not as much as the illusion created by the mind. I found this poem particularly pertinent this summer as we are forced to move out of our own little whirlpools (ego) and realize that we are a part of a great collective sea of humanity. We are independent as well as interdependent.  

We have all swam against the tide and exhausted ourselves at some point. But when is it good to swim against the tide? I guess it depends on the tide. Is it nature's tide or one created by our engineered reality?  If it is the latter, it is probably best to swim against it to then have the opportunity to be swept up in another tide.... nature's flow, full of purity and unconditional love which is our birthright. When I surrender, I only intend to surrender my ego's perceptions of the world and not my true self or the purity and integrity that goes along with that. (See my latest blog below called, "Let's Get Real", which differentiates the natural vs. the artificial.)

Rebecca Paris

Executive Director, Raising the Vibe

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