October 2021/Contemplative Tree/Be Calm Zoom Circles

October 10, 2021

Dear Raising the Vibe Members and Friends,

At this point, the benefits of calming, clearing and focusing the mind have gained much popularity in the self-help and spiritual arenas. Eckhart Tolle teaches us, “The Power of Now” to avoid the negative ego and the “Pain Body”. Buddhism preaches “no mind” to help us get out of the wheel of suffering and attaching to the  “I” or small self. Even though our logical mind can benefit us, it is the cause of much anxiety and depression. It was designed to be the “servant”, with our right-brain intuition and connection to our higher power the master. In our modern age, the mind has become the master and our intuitive body wisdom is almost completely ignored. 

Fear, the root cause of most negative emotions/actions, is primarily a disease of the mind. We spend more time than we think during the day regretting the past or worrying about the future. Your body does not know the difference if a life-threatening situation is actually happening or if you are just worrying about it. When you experience these lower emotions such as shame, blame, guilt and fear, your body sends signals to your cells to contract and save up for the fight. In addition, when the mind is focused on these lower frequencies, it actually “invites” in like lower frequencies or thought forms through the Law of Attraction. Pretty soon your mind is causing you all sorts of problems because you are lost in the past or future assuming the worst. It is a vicious loop that is hard to get out of because automatic reactions from your reptilian, survival-based brain, which is now more wired in, don’t invite your rational mind to the party.

Contrarily, when you are present you can connect with all that is, or your higher self, and signal your cells that all is good and to generate more new healthy cells.   When you take a pause and consciously focus on your breath, you can get back into your body and stop the mind-loop. In addition, when you appreciate, or at the very least accept your current life circumstances, you send signals to your body to let in more light into your DNA, which raises your frequency, and emits more peaceful hormones.

There are many other ways to calm, clear and focus your mind. This Tree of Contemplative practices from Contemplativemind.org is a good illustration of the many contemplative practices, in addition to mediation, that can bring more peace and joy to your life.  

In order to assist you further, Raising the Vibe is pleased to announce that Business Member, Robert Novak, a master intuitive and personal development consultant, will be holding Free Zoom circles Monday – Saturday, starting Monday, October 11 at 11 Eastern to help you Be Calm during these trying times.  To join and learn more, please click the link in his email below.


Rebecca Paris

Executive Director, Raising the Vibe

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Robert Novak

Free Zoom Circle, Monday - Saturday 11:00 - 11:30 a.m. Eastern

Be Still…and connect within to Source, Love, the aspect of you that is beyond what you see and think you are now.


For the next 6 months, Mondays through Saturday at 11 am EST, we will be gathering online to:

Gain a greater connection with The Divine and our own divinity;

Become more energetically aligned, centered and balanced with our own Source connection. Therefore, wiser, calmer, and more loving.

Increase the strength of our body consciousness and it’s energetics, and a stronger central nervous system to be able to more easily pass through what is upon us individually and collectively.


Be Still and connect with the Power, Wisdom, and Love within…This is the greatest thing you can do now and especially, for the next 6 months.


If you want to assistance, guidance, and fellowship, please join my Be Still Gathering anytime this next 6 months. Here is the LINK. It starts tomorrow.