September 2021 Newsletter

September 24, 2021

Dear Raising the Vibe Members and Friends,

I am now settling back home in North Carolina after the extensive road trip, and enjoying the cool mornings with windows open. Our seasons in nature are an indication of what is naturally happening within our own bodies as well. Fall is an ideal time for remembering the activity of summer warmly and going back to a more introspective time of shedding what no longer serves, stocking up for the winter and dreaming of what is coming up next for us in the cycle.

Fall and winter is a perfect time for contemplation and honoring the divine feminine within us. This is the receptive nurturing energy of stillness, waiting for the next activity to blossom. In our world, the masculine principle of action is more valued, but unless our visions have time to gestate in the cosmic womb, the actions will not be as grounded or connected with nature's powerful energy. It flows when the time is right.

Learning this has been a challenge for me as I am naturally very action-oriented. The hard lesson was just plain exhaustion without much to show for it. I have come to realize nature's ebb and flow is needed and now is the time to dream and gather the strength for the next evolution of me and Raising the Vibe. I will wait and dream with great expectations of what will be created next through me and this platform. 

As we face more and more uncertainty in the world, it is more important than ever to connect with our true alignment so we make the right choices for us. As the world on the outside is more chaotic, we need to continually ask ourselves, what is right for me and what is my role during this unique time in history. There is a time for introspection and conserving and a time for action.

Hope you enjoy this latest blog on Finding the Light of You.

Rebecca Paris

Executive Director, Raising the Vibe

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Finding the Light of You

My desk lamp (from Pottery Barn) is an inspiration…really, read on.  What unconsciously attracted me is the strong iron core from base to top that connects to the light. It is made of transparent crystal signifying honesty and integrity with nothing to hide. What you see on the outside is what is on the inside, no distortions. My light is deeply grounded in the earth, but connects strongly upward. Even though it's transparency can be vulnerable, it is protected with the hard crystal, not allowing energy that is not suited to penetrate the field.

It is an inspiration to live like this but is definitely not easy in the world we occupy today. The natural world just grows and does not have misconceptions of who it is. It connects with its source energy and becomes who it was destined to become from the seed, assuming the environment is not too toxic.