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Bring Out Your Brilliance: How Focused Attention Can Change Your Life

Join Deborah McNelis, M. Ed

Free Zoom Discussion, Tuesday, May 18,  7:00p – 8:30p (ET)

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Are you stuck in a rut?   Deborah explains how neuro-patterning can literally cause these ruts or pathways to form in the brain. However, there are ways to break free to enable you to live the life of your dreams.   The human brain is an amazing and complex organ that allows each of us to think, feel and act. The brain systems that regulate those activities are largely shaped by experience and thoughts. This presentation provides you with brief insights on brain basics and then goes beyond to explore how focused attention impacts self-perception and the labels you or your children may be attaching to. Through the simulations and the perspectives shared, you will gain ideas on how to support your child (or young adult) in shining their beautiful uniqueness more brilliantly.

Deborah is an author, educator and international speaker.  As an Early Brain Development Specialist and founder of Brain Insights, LLC, she  has developed a unique Neuro-Nurturing® Interaction Packet series and the digital Brain Basics Quick Start Guide: Nurture the Brilliance within Children.  She is grateful for the opportunity to create a broader understanding of how invaluable it is for every child to receive the nurturing experiences that lead to knowing their worth as the beautifully unique individual they are.


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May 18 2021


7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

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