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Holistic Health Panel Discussion

Free Zoom Discussion, Wednesday, July 14,  7:00p – 8:30p (ET)

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Raising the Vibe is honored to bring you nine experts in a variety of holistic health modalities.  These practitioners work with your own self-healing abilities to get to the root cause of dis (ease), whether it be physical, emotional, mental or spiritual or a combination. You will learn about several energy healing modalities, naturopathy, homeopathy, intuitive/psychic support as well as quantum technology to enhance your wellbeing and quality of life.

Holistic Health Panelists


Andrea Austin and Bill Little

Explorers and pioneers in the love-based consciousness realm who have created and share easy-to-use, practical love-based technologies to help strengthen the energy field for practitioners and clients alike.
Website: https://loveevolution.ca/meet-ann-and-bill/


Kate Becker

Certified in yoga,  Reiki 1, Hypnotherapy and Magnified Healing, Kate helps people realign their bodies, minds, and in return, their lives, striving for Optimum Wellbeing.
Website: https://www.openeyetribe.com/


Rodrigo Bravo

Rodrigo is a Harvard-educated neuroscientist who has lived at the extremes of western medicine.  He has used past/future life regressions to cure things such as depression, internal scarring, kidney failure, something that resembled Ebola, and a variety of undiagnosable conditions since his childhood.


Gail Turner- Cooper

Founder of Align Health,  Gail is a health coach and Reiki Master.  She will work with you on your nutrition, stress management techniques, and lifestyle changes. 
Website: https://alignhealthcoaching.com/


Eli Rice English, ND, CNC, CHC

Eli is a Traditional Naturopath who uses homeopathy, herbs, Integrative Energetic Medicine, Pranic Healing and Quest 9 Quantum Biofeedback to help reduce stress, detoxify, manage pain, improve mental abilities and enhance the quality of life.
Website:  https://elienglishnd.com/index.html


Ursula Lentine

Ursula is a licensed Metaphysical Minister with Centers for Spiritual Living, a Level 3 Practitioner of Internal Family Systems, Certified Associate Pranic Healer and Pranic Healing teacher
Website: https://www.ursulalentine.com/


Robert Novak

Robert is an inspiring teacher, writer, speaker, master intuitive and personal development consultant. 
Website: www.robertnovak.com


Rebecca Wineka, MAEd, MA

Becca, a former therapist, practices Specialized Kinesiology with her own brand of loving support to facilitate your own self-healing for all types of physical, emotional or spiritual issues.
Website: https://www.justbewellnessllc.com/home


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Jul 14 2021


7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

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