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Iridology: What Your Eyes Tell About Your Personality

What the Eye Reveals


Join Dr. Nicholas Demetry

Free Zoom Discussion, Tuesday, April 13,  7:00p – 8:30p (ET)

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The Rayid Model of Iridology developed and pioneered by Denny Johnson is a unique system for identifying genetic, behavioral, communication and relationship patterns according to the structural constitution of the iris of the eye.  The essential core of the personality is composed of three primary parts: mental, emotional and physical. These are expressed through auditory, visual and kinesthetic modes of communication.  Everyone possesses and utilizes all three; the iris reveals which are dominant.  We will discuss the four eye types, traits, strengths and what each needs to learn for balance.  The iris reveals right/left hemisphere indicators, introversion/extroversion tendencies,  rings of intention/orientation focus, and  relationship dynamics.  The Rayid Method offers an intimate, healing and soulful approach of connecting with oneself and other human beings to develop understanding, compassion and acceptance of each and everyone’s unique individuality.

Nicholas Demetry, M. D., is a holistic psychiatrist, healer and teacher. He has studied and taught the importance of spirituality for mental health and personal wellbeing for over 30 years. After receiving his Medical Degree from the Emory University School of Medicine, he studied transcultural psychiatry and mental health at the University of Hawaii.  He is the author of Awakening Love, Divine Partnership, and The Hidden Code of Revelations 1 and 2. http://etherikos.com/

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Apr 13 2021


7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

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